The Government Digital Service (GDS) has put together a series of resources to help organisations with new accessibility regulations. While some of these resources are specific to public sector organisations, they are useful for anyone wanting to create accessible digital services.

These webinars and resources are designed for:

  • anyone working in the public sector
  • suppliers for public sector organisations
  • digital and content professionals
  • anyone interested in digital accessibility

These webinars were first released to celebrate the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 21 May 2020.

  1. Introduction to the Public Sector Bodies accessibility regulations

    Richard Morton, Head of Accessibility for Government, explains the basic principles of digital accessibility in this introductory webinar. Joseph Jones, Policy Officer at GDS, goes on to explain the new UK Public Sector accessibility regulations and how you can meet them.

    Webinar length: 34 minutes

  2. How to make your PDFs accessible

    Learn how to clear your website of inaccessible PDFs. In this webinar, members of Leeds City Council talk about their journey in the lead up to new Public Sector accessibility regulations.

    Content Strategist Lammy Jones and Website Project Manager Sally Boyes talk through the process of clearing their website of more than 3,500 PDFs in the past year. They share content accessibility techniques and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

    Webinar length: 17 minutes

  3. How to engage your workforce on accessibility

    Helen Wilson, Digital Designer at Worcestershire County Council, shares the framework she developed to help successfully engage Worcester County Council’s workforce on digital accessibility.

    These techniques can help empower your colleagues to improve the accessibility of content on your website.

    Webinar length: 16 minutes

  4. How to avoid common accessibility statement fails

    Accessibility statements are an important part of the new Public Sector regulations. They help your website users know which parts of your website are accessible and which are not. They communicate your organisation’s commitment to accessibility and provide a method of contact to raise these issues.

    Chris Heathcote, who is running the team responsible for the enforcement of accessibility statements, talks more about this requirement.

    And Home Office Accessibility Consultant, George Rhodes discusses his extensive research into this subject which highlighted some best practice examples and easy-to-avoid mistakes.

    Webinar length: 42 minutes

  5. How to carry out basic web accessibility checks

    Checking the accessibility of websites is one of the first steps to compliance with the digital accessibility regulations. This webinar talks through the process of auditing your website manually, and the tools you can use to help.

    This interactive session is lead by Beverley Newing, front-end developer at the Ministry of Justice and James Buller, senior accessibility consultant at the Home Office.

    Learn the basics of accessibility testing through the team’s ‘Record a goose sighting’ service to demonstrate the issues that can and cannot be picked up during a WAVE accessibility audit.

    Webinar length: 58 minutes

  6. How to build digital services that work for everyone

    In this webinar, Oliver Byford, Senior Frontend Developer at Government Digital Service breaks down the styles, components and patterns that make up the GDS design system.

    He walks you page-by-page through a fictional GOV.UK service, highlighting some of the things that he’s learnt about building digital services that work for everyone. 

    Webinar length: 30 minutes