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About the Big Hack

Improving digital products and services for disabled people

The digital world should be accessible to everyone. Scope's Big Hack is committed to making that happen.

The problem

In 2020, less than 2% of websites are accessible to everyone, according to WebAIM. We don’t think this is acceptable.

Using digital products and services is a fundamental right, and sometimes there isn’t another option.

The consequences when disabled people do not have the same level of access as non-disabled people can be expensive, time-consuming and incredibly frustrating.

It is all of our responsibility to make the digital world as accessible as possible.

98% of websites are inaccessible for disabled people.

The solution

That everyone who can and who works in digital, takes steps to improve the digital world for disabled people.

From designers, content creators and developers creating more accessible products and services, to business leaders making accessibility a priority, we all have a role to play.

Accessibility is a goal we should all be constantly working towards, it is a journey, not a destination. We at the Big Hack will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you have all the tools and help you need to make a fairer and more accessible digital world.

Resource Hub

What the Resource Hub is

We’ve created a resource hub that we’re always updating with the latest articles, guides, and blogs to make the journey of improving your digital products and services as easy as possible. We also produce articles highlighting the experiences that disabled people face every day when using the internet.

Screenshot of article titled: 5 most annoying website features I face as a blind person every single day

How this leads to change

Providing creators the resources they need to make more accessible products and services, we’re enabling and empowering them to drive change in their own organisations and projects.

We want to empower all creators and businesses to feel confident in accessibility so that everyone has equal access to online products and services.

How you can help

Is there a topic you’d like to see explored on the Resource Hub, or would you like to contribute an article, interview or idea?

Get in touch

Reporting Tool

What the Reporting Tool is

The reporting tool is a fully accessible survey tool to constantly hear from disabled people about their experiences when using digital products and services. Already we’ve heard from over 6,000 disabled people (and counting) about how both the online world is letting them down, and where it is making their lives easier. This helps us stay focused on what’s important to disabled people.

Quotes from the reporting tool, separate quotes are: 1. “In the age of physical barriers that prevent disabled people from accessing businesses and services, it’s unacceptable to fail to provide an accessible alternative”. 2. “It’s frustrating, technology is supposed to be easy, less time-consuming, and to break down barriers”. 3. “If I can’t use their website then they’ve lost out on a sale as I will just go elsewhere”

How this leads to change

We’re committed to transparency and openness, and our anonymised, agragated, reporting tool data is open for everyone to see on our custom-built analytics pages. By publicising the experiences of disabled people online, together we can all work towards a more inclusive online world.

How you can help

Are you a business owner looking for insight into how disabled people use your digital products and services?

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Industry Snapshots

What Industry Snapshots are

While improving the accessibility of digital products and services should be a core goal of every industry, we’re focussing on one industry at a time to provide a snapshot overview of the state of that industry online for disabled people.

How this leads to change

We’re highlighting the areas within each industry that need improvement, showing the real-world impact on disabled people, and providing some practical advice on how to make improvements. We’re also showing which businesses within the industry are doing well, and which are in need of improvement.

How you can help

Is there an industry or area you’d like us to investigate? Are you a journalist who wants to write a story about digital accessibility in a particular industry?

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What Partnerships are

The resources and tools that the Big Hack has made available are just a start to making your digital products and services more accessible for disabled people. While any improvements made can make a huge difference to disabled people, there’s always more than can be done.

By partnering with Scope and the Big Hack, we’ll work with you to give a detailed insight into the experiences of disabled people using your digital products and services. We can identify the biggest problem areas, and what you can do to fix them.

You can find more details about how we can work together on our partnerships page

How this leads to change

By understanding your disabled audience’s experience using your products and services, you’ll have the best possible framework to address their needs and challenges. With the tailored and specific expertise that Scope can offer, you can turn your business into the best example of accessibility and inclusion.

How you can help

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you become an Inclusive Design Ally and make your business as inclusive and accessible as possible.

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