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Disabled voices 16th August 2022

How society treats disabled people, new research by Scope

In our new research, we reveal how attitudes towards disabled people creates access barriers. And what businesses can do to help.

Inclusive design 9th August 2022

How Scope use content design to be accessible

Content design helps to communicate information in the best way. Research and testing can improve the experiences of disabled people.

Disabled voices 29th July 2022

Jason Bates: What disability pride means to me

Jason Bates, Lead Communication and Engagement Manager at Tesco Maintenance shares what Disability Pride Month means to him.

Disabled voices 25th July 2022

Vivek Gohil: What disability pride means to me

Gaming accessibility consultant and freelance journalist Vivek Gohil shares what Disability Pride Month means to him.

Disabled voices 22nd July 2022

Lucy Webster: What disability pride means to me

Acclaimed freelance writer, Lucy Webster shares what Disability Pride Month means to her.

Disabled voices 18th July 2022

Liam O’Dell: What disability pride means to me

Award-winning freelance journalist and campaigner Liam O'Dell shares what Disability Pride Month means to him.

Disabled voices 11th July 2022

Elisabeth Ward: What disability pride means to me

Scope's Lead Accessibility Specialist, Elisabeth Ward, shares what Disability Pride Month means to her.

Content 30th May 2022

The 4 principles of content accessibility

Learn the four core principles of content accessibility to create an inclusive website.

Disabled voices 18th May 2022

Let’s talk about Global Accessibility Awareness Day

How often do you think about digital accessibility? Do you know what technology is accessible? Global Accessibility Awareness day is the perfect opportunity to think about what you could do differently.

Content 27th April 2022

How to communicate in a more accessible way by using plain English alternatives

To communicate in an accessible way, you should try to be as clear as possible.

Content 12th April 2022

Swap the corporate jargon for these accessible alternatives

Learn how to speak, write and communicate more clearly at work. Swap the office jargon for these more accessible alternatives.

Colour 1st February 2022

Designing for people on the autism spectrum

Learn how to design in a way that's more accessible for people on the autism spectrum.

Inclusive design 4th January 2022

7 tips for more inclusive meetings

Remote working means that the way organisations and teams collaborate has changed. With a lot of meetings now online, it can be harder for people to contribute effectively. This can mean some voices do not get heard.

Content 17th December 2021

How to make your Word documents more accessible

Follow these tips to create more accessible Microsoft Word documents.

Public sector 29th November 2021

UK Law and digital accessibility: What it means for your organisation

The UK’s digital accessibility laws are relatively new and unclear compared to other parts of UK law. And there are several parts that relate to web accessibility. Gavin B Harris explains them here.

Content 17th November 2021

How to write better link text for accessibility

Links. They help us navigate from one place to another. But sometimes it’s tricky to know how to write useful link text.

Content 1st November 2021

7 easy ways to make your content more accessible

Content is everywhere. Your words. Your images. Your graphics. Your links.

Content 25th October 2021

How special characters and symbols affect screen reader accessibility

Special characters and punctuation are an important part of the information we share. But it’s worth noting how they impact accessibility. Particularly for screen reader users.

Typography 28th September 2021

Font accessibility and readability: the basics

Fonts can have an impact on our ability to read and get the information we want quickly.

Inclusive design 9th September 2021

How to make your emails more accessible

We send and receive emails every day. But do you ever stop to think about how accessible your emails are before clicking send?