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Inclusive Design
28th September 2018

A truly game-changing brand

The launch of a successful new brand with 'accessibility first ' approach is key to achieving inspiration design. Read about the impact it can have internally and externally on your business.

Inclusive Design
21st September 2018

The importance of words in a rebrand

There is often a lot of focus on design following a rebrand. But a brand’s choice of words is just as important. Read how a brand can be positioned and tone of voice can express a unique personality and inform culture and communications.

20th September 2018

Colour me happy

Our perception is coloured by the context in which we view it. Explore best practices in colour design that express and compliment your brand to ensure your product is accessible to all audiences.

Inclusive Design
19th September 2018

Typography in the mind

Understanding your target audience and applying inclusive design practices ensures that accessible typography contributes to the success of a design without compromising on modern aesthetic qualities. Insights from Bruno Maag from international typeface designers Dalton Maag explores the role of typography in accessibility.