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Partnerships and accessibility services

Build an inclusive digital world with Scope

Work with Scope and the Big Hack

You can join Scope’s mission to create a more inclusive online world by hiring us to help you.

Through the Big Hack, Scope are sharing knowledge around disability, accessibility and inclusive design to help businesses improve their customer offer.

You can team up with the Big Hack for: content accessibility training, customer research and insights, product testing and accessibility auditing. If you want to become a recognised partner we can provide co-branding and publicise your organisation’s steps to inclusion.

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Scope has pioneered a tool which can gather customer data quickly and in large quantities. This work is for clients who aim to survey 1000+ disabled people.

How does it work?

  1. We develop your research questions together or you send us a survey you want to use to understand the experiences of your disabled customers.
  2. We turn your survey into an accessible online survey which can be easily accessed by disabled people all over the country. We can also concentrate the tool to specific locations.
  3. Alongside your survey, we build you an analytics platform where you can visualise responses and data from your survey as soon as its live.
  4. We will also send the data in a spreadsheet at the close of the project.

You can view an example of Scope’s crowd-sourcing tool analytics on the Big Hack crowd-sourcing site.

Crowd-sourcing partners include:

Anglian Water


Content accessibility training

A full day of training to make sure you are publishing accessible, understandable content.

You will learn:

  • why accessibility is important to your organisation
  • the social model of disability and inclusive design
  • the 4 core principles of accessibility
  • why researching and testing your content with disabled people is important
  • writing accessible copy
  • structuring your content for screen readers (and real people)
  • accessible colours, fonts and links
  • accessible PDFs, images, graphs and videos

We will supply a content accessibility toolkit to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Customer research and insight

Scope can gather insights and deliver research around the barriers disabled people face when using products or services online. This can help you to create more accessible products and meet the needs of 20% of your customer base who you might be preventing from using your services.

This can include:

  • focus groups and workshops with Scope’s research panel of disabled adults and parents of disabled children
  • user interviews with Scope’s research panel of disabled adults and parents of disabled children

(Scope can co-facilitate these sessions with you)

  • surveys with Scope’s research panel of disabled adults and parents of disabled children

Product testing

Testing with disabled people, and involving their experiences as much as possible, is essential in the inclusive design process.

We can connect you with disabled users for each stage of the design and development process. Ideally, you would be testing with a range of disabilities:

  • usability testing: this should take place over multiple sessions helping to feedback into design prototypes before the build process begins
  • testing: disabled users should test the final product once built e.g. with screen readers and keyboard-only

Accessibility audits for websites and apps

Scope’s Big Hack can conduct rigorous auditing on webpages and apps to make sure you are meeting the legal WCAG 2.1 standards.

PR and brand association

Are you practising inclusive design? Are you prioritising accessibility?

We can share your work to the Big Hack resources hub and offer a co-branding opportunity on products and services which are trusted by disabled customers and accessible by design.

Please email for enquiries