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Important Voices

Holly, Life of a Blind Girl

10 ways to make your written content accessible

Everyone has different levels of vision and people use a wide range of assistive technology, such as screen readers or magnification software. It’s important to make your content accessible to everyone. Blind blogger Holly shares her top 10 tips for making your written content accessible and inclusive.

Elin, My Blurred World

How accessible is the online world and what needs to change?

Glen, Well Eye Never

The iphone accessibility features & apps that help me navigate the world

HeX Productions

User testing vs automated testing for accessibility

Web Development
30th September 2019

User testing vs automated testing for accessibility

Nottingham-based digital and creative agency, HeX Productions are huge advocates of accessibility. They make sure every website they build is accessible for disabled people, including those with visual, hearing and mobility impairments as well as those with learning difficulties. Here, they discuss the differences between automated testing and human user testing when it comes to accessibility.

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